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  russian bride Nadia

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ID 4394
Date of birth 25 May 1984
Height 174  cm
Weight 58  kg
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blonde
Education University
Occupation Economist
Marital status Single
Children no

Languages English

About me I am looking for YOU, my attentive and courteous suitor, my caring and gentle friend, my decisive and initiative man, my passionate and tender lover! Can you fight dragons and trolls for your fair lady? Are you able to carry me over the fantasy bridge in my full armor of light and laughter? Will you wear my colors on your helmet and be my knight? Be real for me darling, and I'll turn our life into a beautiful fairy tale!

Seeks partner Life is a bright adventure, do you need a brave and good-humored companion? ;-))) I have all the qualities of the super girl, such as intelligence and modesty, kindness and honesty, look I can even rhyme words! ;-))) You will never be bored with me, so letís grab our golden swords and fly off to the Neverland! If you are a brave adventurer with an ever-young heart, Iíll be your Tinkerbell and youíll be my Peter Pan! Captain Hook will never catch us! ;-))) Look what we have here, an ocean to conquer and a quite beach to rest in the shade after the day of many victories. Libraries are the labyrinths I am the best stalker in. And if you forget to keep not only your mind but also your body fit, Iíll tickle you till you agree to exercise with me in a gym! ;-))) So see, swimming, aerobics, museums, theatre, and cinema are there just for us to enjoy. Let us also not forget communicating with friends as well as stimulating each other intellectually. Letís explore the glamour and luxury of this wonderful world! ;-))

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